Double Blade Inflatable Sword - Green (2-pack)

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  • Double blade inflatable sword in Yoda Green.
  • Latest design: longer, stronger, and better fight action! Great for high-energy low-impact battle.
  • Customize stiffness and impact level by adjusting air pressure. These sabers can be inflated extra-firm to ridged with an air pump, or compressor. They will swell in diameter with over inflation, so try to keep the air pressure at a minimum to achieve the desired firmness, but maintain the original shape.
  • Easy inflation: One-way check valve incorporated in Inlet to help prevent air from escaping while inflating. For best results: Press back of inlet to help establish the seal prior to initial inflation. Inflate, and hold finger over inlet for a few seconds. This gives the check valve time to rest and seal, and helps maintain air between breaths. Close valve, wait a minute or so for the plastic to relax, and inflate further to desired firmness.
  • To deflate: pinch base of valve. This opens valve and allows air to escape.

    Swords do not light up. Double Blade Dimensions: Length: 49" Handle length: 12" Handle: 2" diameter.